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26 November 2015

DP Brakes sponsored riders capture GNCC,‭ ‬OMA and EnduroCross championships in‭ ‬2015.‭

Final Standings for‭ ‬2015‭ ‬DP Brakes sponsored riders were:‭       
XC-2‭ ‬Pro Lites:
1st Jason Thomas,‭ ‬2nd Ricky Russell,‭ ‬3rd Trevor Bollinger,‭ ‬5th Nick Davis

OMA‭ ‬Nationals
1st Steward Baylor,‭ ‬2nd‭ ‬Jimmy Jarrett,‭ ‬3rd Adam Bonneur,‭ ‬4th Bryan Vaughan,‭ ‬5th Steve Leivan,‭ ‬    6th Mike Witkowski,‭ ‬8th Chris Douglas,‭ ‬10th Jason Thomas,‭ ‬11th Jordan Ashburn,‭ ‬12th Ricky Russell

1st Cody Webb
Women Pro:
2nd‭ ‬Rachel‭ ‬Gutish
1st Ty Tremaine
“We congratulate all the teams and riders‭ ‬on their accomplishments in‭ ‬2015,‭ ‬and wish them all the best in‭ ‬2016.‭ ‬We are truly honored to be part of their success,‭”‬ said Larry Mills,‭ ‬President of DP Brakes and Clutches North America.
Mills pointed out,‭ “‬DP‭ ‬brakes give the rider improved stopping power and feel over stock pads in all conditions.‭ ‬These are the main reason why countless teams choose DP Brakes again and again.‭”
Mills added,‭ “‬Not only do DP Brakes last longer than any other pad on the market,‭ ‬they are non abusive to the rotors,‭ ‬and quiet too.”

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