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Quad BikeIf someone were to list motorcycling's five most significant innovations, disc brakes would surely be included near the top. Oddly though, as far as disc brakes are concerned, it took the motorcycle industry two decades to catch up with the rest of the mechanized world. The automotive and aircraft industries have been using disc brakes since the 1940's. It wasn't until the late 1960's that disc brakes became popular among motorcycle manufacturers.

Actually, the aircraft industry should be credited for pioneering disc brake technology and it was Dunlop Aviation in England who did the pioneering. When World War II began, aircraft still used expanding drum brakes but as war planes got heavier and faster, it was obvious that a new type of brake system was necessary. Dunlop Aviation took up the challenge and by the late 1940's had developed the disc brake.

Even though disc brakes improved braking performance, further improvement was necessary for wet conditions. Dunlop Aviation again took the initiative, introducing sintered metal disc brake pads in 1955.

The ability of this new material to penetrate the film of water that forms on a disc was a major improvement over the organic friction materials. Based on this success, Dunlop Aviation was later commissioned by the British Government to incorporate sintered disc brake technology for motorcycle applications. Thus was born DP BRAKES.

To this day sintered metal still provides state-of-the-art braking performance. The world's major motorcycle manufacturers have recognized the benefits of sintered metal. Today, over 95 percent of motorcycles produced are fitted with sintered metal brake pads as original equipment.

DP BRAKES position in the motorcycle market is unique because it is the only manufacturer that concentrates 100 percent of its production on sintered metal pads.

At DP BRAKES we define quality as the ability to consistently provide our customers with a product we are proud of.  We have therefore entered in to a partnership with the BSI Group to acheive ISO9001:2015 certification.  Please click these links to see our QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT and CERTIFICATE.


This makes DP BRAKES the ideal replacement for the sintered metal brake pads fitted as original equipment.