DP Brakes provides the racing industry with top-tier braking products that surpass all others, including ventilated titanium caliper racing pistons.

The xxxxx is the pinnacle of race pistons. Crafted from high-grade, lightweight titanium, it boasts a unique surface finish and coating unmatched by any other piston.

Featuring patented JPB technology, this brake caliper piston delivers unparalleled control and confidence in your braking system, ideal for racing within regulatory limits.




  • Eliminated brake fade
  • Eliminated brake drag
  • Reduced temperatures
  • Reduced pad wear ( up to 90%)
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased lap times
  • Castellated and drilled for maximum ventilation
  • Chamfered to reduce the contact patch with the heat source (pad)
  • Diamond burnished and nitron mc coated for a super smooth low friction surface
  • Internal radial cooling fins to increase the surface area and to maximise heat transfer away from the piston to keep that brake fluid cool
  • Radiused rear cavity to increase the surface area and provide more fluid behind the piston
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