DP Brakes dominating after seven rounds of 2012 GNCC ATVs

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Date: June 1, 2012

“We are so proud of our sponsored riders and their commitment to consistently put DP Brakes on top of the podium time and time again”, stated Larry Mills, President of DP Brakes and Clutches North America.
Mills continued, “Their hard work have placed DP Brakes top one through six, and eleven of the top twelve in XC1 and XC2 combined.”
“We continue to be the leader in sintered brakes for off road and ATV, and our championship riders and their outstanding results are a testament of our continued success and superior product,” said Mills.

Here are the results so far:
XC1 Pro
1st Chris Borich, 2nd Taylor Kiser, 3rd Walker Fowler, 4th Adam McGill, 5th Chris Bithell,
XC2 Pro-Am
1st Pat McGuire, 2nd Braden Henthorn, 3rd Eric Hoyland
1st Angel Atwell, 2nd Traci Cecco
1st Clifton Beasley
4×4 Open
1st Bryan Buckhannon, 2nd Michael Swift, 3rd Zach Zackowski
4×4 Lites
1st Kevin Trantham
4×4 Senior
1st Mike Penland, 2nd Forrest Whorton
Super Senior
Dave Simmons

Mills concluded, “All riders are using our top of the line DP Brakes Standard and Pro-MX brake pads to achieve these accomplishments. They are the same pads that are offered in stores around the world. Not only they give you improved performance and no noise, but they also deliver two to three times longer life over any other brake pad available”.