DP Brakes Offering Higher Durability and Upgraded Performance brake pads for the Latest ATV 4x4s, UTV’s and SxS’s.

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Date: February 25, 2021

BUFFALO, NY. – DP Brakes, the developer of the original sintered brake pad, and industry leader in sintered metal braking technology, has expanded their line of highly durable sintered brake pads to the growing number of Polaris’, Can-Am, Arctic Cat, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and other brands of ATV’s/UTV’s and “Side by Side’s” being manufactured today.

Larry Mills, president of DP Brakes North America said, “With the added demand on braking performance, we felt it necessary to offer an upgrade to their braking system.” He continues, “These machines are getting heavier and faster so they need the upgrade DP offers for increased stopping power and much longer wear than the stock pads and other aftermarket brakes. Plus, you will experience quiet, fade free performance”. He adds, “Nothing more frustrating than loud squealing brakes.”

Mills mentions, “DP Brakes is continuing our strong representation and support in ATV 4×4, UTV and SxS racing throughout the world. Results prove that DP Brakes are #1 by sweeping podiums consistently each weekend. Most recently, DP finishing #1 and #2 at the King Of The Hammers Race KOH with Kyle Chaney winning and Cody Miller finishing second. Both fitted with DP Brakes!”.

The following are a few comments from some of DP Brakes’ loyal and long time sponsored riders:

First, Factory Can-Am Offroad’s, Hunter and Cody Miller Brothers Racing comment. “Cody and I have been using DP Brake Pads since the beginning of our UTV racing career and previous to that! The durability of their pads is absolutely unmatched! I am notoriously hard on brakes and DP Pads are the only ones I have found that will hold up to my left foot!!”

Secondly, Factory Can-Am’s 11 Time National Champion, Bryan Buckhannon stated, “DP Brakes are the best brakes on the market. With 11 National Championships all on DP Brakes and counting!! He adds, “No other brake pads have the stopping power as DP and can last as long as well. I have tried them all and none of the others even compare”.

Finally, Factory Can Am’s 4×4 National GNCC Champion, Landon Wolfe commented: “I ride a 700lb machine through tight woods and dodging trees at high speeds. Plus,

through deep mud holes and thick sand I have only trusted one brake company to slow down my quad and that’s DP Brakes! The longest lasting brakes on the market!”

Mills concludes, “We truly appreciate the loyalty of our sponsored riders for so many years and their constant positive feedback is so important to keeping us at the level we need to be.”