DP Brakes sponsored Andrew DeLong wins XC2 and takes 2nd overall at Limestone GNCC

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Date: May 16, 2012

Working from a dead last start on the XC2 line, DeLong pushed his 2012 TC250 past the entire pack, capturing the lead by lap two.

“Stew (Baylor) and I were going so fast today,” Andrew commented. “It’s fun riding with a guy you can trust. I had to work my way to the front today, but I was on a roll, and my TC250 worked so good!”
Late in the race, DeLong physically made a run for the overall, and with one lap to go nearly made GNCC history as the first XC2 Pro Lites class rider to capture an overall victory.
“What an awesome day,” team manager Fred Andrews said. “I was running in and out of the woods trying to get split times on Andrew and Baylor, but when I heard the announcer say that he was only 8 seconds off of the leader, that’s when it all clicked. Andrew beat every guy out on the track, except for one… who started a minute ahead of him. Andrew’s back!”
At the end of the day the XC2 rider took the checkered flag at second overall, more than 6 minutes ahead of second in his own class.
“I saw the pit boards the last few laps, but it never registered that I was that close to the overall,” Andrew said. “I was in a heated battle with Stew, and it carried us both to the front. I had no idea his bike quit on that last lap; I could hear him there the whole way to the checkers. I just never looked back and focused on winning this race for myself, and the team!”
Andrew’s teammate, Nick Davis chose to take the day off and heal an injured knee he suffered last weekend at the enduro.
“I am so proud of Andrew,” Davis said. “This is such an exciting day, and I am just happy to be here to share it with him. I will be back in two weeks for the Mountaineer Run GNCC, hopefully we can get two Husky TC250’s on the podium at that one!”

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