DP Brakes sponsored riders dominating the‭ ‬2015‭ ‬GNCC Championship heading into Summer break‭!!‬

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Date: July 3, 2015

BUFFALO,‭ ‬NY.‭ ‬– DP Brakes‭ ‬sponsored riders continue to dominate competition after nine rounds of the‭ ‬2015‭ ‬GNCC‭ ‬Championship Series. The series is heading into the Summer break.

‭“‬We are extremely proud of our sponsored riders and their commitment to excellence. Their efforts consistently put DP Brakes‭ ‬on top of the podium time and time again,”‭ ‬stated Larry Mills,‭ ‬President of DP Brakes and Clutches North America.‭

Mills continued,‭ “‬DP Brakes riders are standing in the top eleven‭ ‬in XC1‭ ‬Pro,‭ ‬top one and two‭ ‬in XC2‭ ‬Pro-Am, and the top one through five‭ ‬in‭ ‬4×4‭ ‬Pro in ATV/UTV. In addition our riders are at the top of the list in Pro‭ ‬XC1‭ ‬and Pro Lites‭ ‬XC2‭ ‬Bikes as well.‭”

“We continue to be‭ ‬the leader in sintered brakes for off road and ATV,‭ ‬and our championship riders,‭ ‬and their‭ ‬outstanding results,‭ ‬are evidence of our continued success and superior product,‭”‬ said Mills.

Here are the results so far:


XC1‭ ‬Pro ATV
1st Adam McGill,‭ ‬2nd Walker‭ ‬Fowler,‭ ‬3rd Jarrod McClure,4th through‭ ‬11.
XC2‭ ‬Pro-Am ATV
1st Cole Richardson,‭ ‬2nd Cody Collier
4×4‭ ‬Pro ATV
1st Bryan Buckhannon,‭ ‬2nd Kevin Trantham,‭ ‬3rd Michael Swift,‭ ‬4th Robert Smith,‭ ‬5th Zach Zakowski
2nd Kylie‭ ‬Ahart,‭ ‬3rd Angel Knox
College A ATV
1st‭ ‬Westley Wolfe
4×4‭ ‬Senior‭ (‬40+‭)‬ ATV
1st‭ ‬Forrest Whorton
Super‭ ‬Senior‭ (‬45+‭)‬ ATV
1st‭ ‬Dave Simmons
XC1‭ ‬Pro UTV
1st Kyle Chaney
Amateur Modified UTV
1st Kevin Trantham


XC1‭ ‬Pro Bikes
2nd Thad Duvall,‭ ‬3rd Grant Baylor
XC2‭ ‬Pro Lite Bikes
1st Jason Thomas,‭ ‬2nd Ricky Russell

Mills concluded,‭ “‬All riders are using our top of the line DP Brakes Standard and Pro-MX brake pads to achieve these accomplishments.‭ ‬They are the same pads that are offered in stores around the world.‭ ‬Not only they give you improved performance and no noise,‭ ‬but they also deliver two to three times longer life over any other brake pad available‭”‬.‭

For more information on the complete line-up of DP Brakes brake‭ ‬pads,‭ ‬shoes,‭ ‬rotors,‭ ‬and clutch kits,‭ ‬contact DP Brakes North American Headquarters/Tony Mills International Inc.‭ ‬at‭ ‬4401‭ ‬Walden Avenue,‭ ‬Lancaster,‭ ‬NY‭ ‬14086. Interested parties can also call ‭(‬716‭) ‬681-8806,‭ ‬or e-mail:‭ ‬dpbrakestm@aol.com.. ‭ ‬DP Brakes can be found on the web at‭ ‬www.dp-brakes.com.‭