FAR Husqvarna take 1st and 3rd at Unadilla!

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Date: September 17, 2012

The XC2 Pro Lites division usually boasts some of the best racing of the weekend and today’s competition at the Can-Am Unadilla GNCC brought no shame to the name. The ultra-competitive championship-chase just became even tighter as F.A.R Husqvarna’s Andrew DeLong officially put himself into contention with his fourth win in the last five rounds, despite sitting out the first two races due to injury. Now entering a three-way battle with points leader Steward Baylor Jr. and former teammate Jason Thomas, DeLong is keeping his eye on the prize with three rounds remaining in the series.

KR4 Performance’s Thomas led the early stages of the three-hour competition and seemed to have his work cut out for him at times, especially since DeLong wasn’t able to secure a good holeshot amidst a pack of almost thirty XC2 riders. North Carolina’s Cody Gragg jumped out front early on too, putting in one of his best rides of the season. DeLong eventually made his way up to Baylor, just before the defending champ realized he had a flat and rode back to the pit to swap it out. Baylor jumped back into the mix as soon as he could, salvaging a fourth place finish and some valuable championship points.

Thomas and DeLong continued the battle for first place and upon entering the rough and technical “railroad section”, but both riders got caught up in the mud hole. DeLong was able to break free soon after but Thomas continued to bury his bike into the mud. Thomas eventually got his bike going again and caught back up to eighth place for the day.

In the meantime, Yamaha-backed Morgan Moss snuck into the lead-pack as he put in an impressive first ride back from knee surgery this year. Moss battled with JG Offroad/American Honda’s Scott Grills for a potential podium position until Grills dropped off with two laps to go. Moss capitalized on the opportunity and rode his way into a season-best second place. F.A.R Husky’s Nick Davis slowly worked his way into podium contention over the course of three-hours and by Lap 5, Davis was going back and forth with Moss for second.

It was yet another historical finish at Unadilla, but this time for Factory Husqvarna and Fred Andrews Racing as they swept two of three XC2 podium positions. Thomas now trails Baylor by 11 points in the overall standings, while DeLong sits a mere eight points behind in third.

XC2 Pro Lites Results:
Andrew DeLong (HSQ)
Morgan Moss (YAM)
Nick Davis (HSQ)
Steward Baylor (KTM)
Brad Bakken (YAM)
Jedediah Haines (YAM)
Michael Mcginnis (KTM)
Jason Thomas (KTM)
AJ Stewart (YAM)
Cody Gragg (YAM)
Zach Nolan (KTM)
Ricky Mair (KTM)
Guy Giroux (HSQ)
Phillipe Chained (HSQ)
Ryan Lojak (YAM)