OnRoad/OffRoad Cycles offers DP Brakes Contingency Program

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Date: May 31, 2012

OnRoad OffRoad Cycles in conjunction with RPSRaceTeam.com announces the CMRA DP Brakes Contingency Program. This program provides over $10,000.00 in contingency support to CMRA racers in the A, B, C, and D Superbike & Superstock classes, Formula 1, Formula 2, and CMRA endurance series.

To be eligible, racers must purchase DP Brake pads from OnRoad OffRoad Cycles and run DP Brakes for CMRA sprint racing and endurance competition. Racers must run stickers on their eligible fork legs as well as on their race fairing in a “visible area”.

Contingency schedules and entry forms are available on-line at http://www.rpsraceteam.com/News/DPBRAKES.htm as well as contacting OnRoad OffRoad Cycle’s Roger Albert at 512.636.0960.

DP Brakes already has a strong winning history in the CMRA with current #1 plate holder Danny Kelsey who has exclusively run DP Brake pads since 2000. In addition, On-Road/Off-Road Cycles provided a set to CMRA racer Grady Sloan for him to use during the CMRA sprint races at Hallett, Oklahoma. Sloan was asked, “to try the pads…he was asked to publicly let people know of experience whether it be good or bad!” Hallett is one of the toughest tracks in the country on brake pads with the infamous “bus stop” turn providing a true test of the stopping power and bite of any brake pad.

What were the results of Sloan’s use of DP Brake pads? Sloan finished on the box in 3 of his races for the first time in his career and greatly improved his overall finishing position(s). Although Grady Sloan had never finished in the top before, he was able to effortlessly pass riders on the brakes en route to the best finishes of his young career. Sloan mentioned afterwards, “I was really surprised at how good the brake pads were. I was somewhat skeptical of the advertised performance. I know that Danny Kelsey was using them and he goes really fast. Well, I can definitely tell you these pads are great. I was also really impressed with the service that OnRoad OffRoad Cycles and RPSRaceTeam.com are providing. They showed me some simple maintenance techniques that are going to stay with me for the rest of my racing career.”

DP Brakes pads will be available for purchase trackside with OnRoad OffRoad Cycles at all CMRA races. Also, all CMRA racers will be able to redeem their “certs” trackside with Roger. All program entrants receive a hat, stickers, and DP Brake pads to ensure top finishes for a long time to come. RPSRaceTeam.com and OnRoad OffRoad Cycles will team up to ensure that all DP Brakes users have top service and technical advice to ensure top results. All program participants will receive a free technical overview of brake service and maintenance of the contingency eligible race machines.