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  • Cryogenically frozen for maximum wear resistance and thermal stability
  • SUS Japan stainless
  • High Strength
  • Superior Heat Dissipation
  • Double ground for accuracy
  • Sizes: 160mm, 180mm, 203mm

The BMR1 Series are fixed rotors. They are pressed from 410 stainless steel, double disc ground and then heat-treated as per the industry standard.

All BRAKEMONSTER rotors go through a unique cyrogenic freezing process.

Cryogenic Freezing

The cryogenic treatment causes the molecular structure of the 410 stainless steel to change. During the cycle the cryogenic process changes more of the retained austenite (a larger softer crystal) into martensite (a smaller harder crystal), the lower the temperature the greater the transformation rate.

When you get to the deeper cryogenic temperatures of -195ºc (-319ºf), then we can see ‘n’ (or ‘en’) carbides start to proliferate through the structure of the metal giving a closer molecular bond. It is the combination of the two effects of cryogenics that give the increased wear resistance and therefore longer service life and also establish a more stable material with fewer inherent stress points.

When the metal is formed in the mill some of the molecules are fixed before they are able to form a uniform structure. The freezing process allows the gaps in the structure to be filled with the carbides and creates a much more dense, “organized” appearance (see fig.1).

So overall you can expect a service life up to 3x that of a non-treated rotor and one that copes much better with the hot/cold heat cycle associated with disc brakes.