DP Brakes Standard

  • Excellent all-round braking
  • High-tech ceramic heat shield – no brake fade
  • No brake dust
  • Lowest brake pad wear on the market – lasts up to 3x the wear of most other pads
  • No noise

The DP Standard brake pads are our OEM replacement sintered metal compound. Ideal for everyday street, off-road and ATV use, they provide excellent all-round braking hot or cold, wet or dry. Where applicable a high-tech ceramic heat shield is applied to the rear of each backplate to reduce the heat transfer into the fluid and prevent brake fade. Lasting up to 3 times the mileage of most other brands they have one of the lowest wear rates on the market. Very low levels of brake dust and no noise and no thermal cycle bedding-in required are also benefits of the DP Standard

“DP Brakes replacement pads… available for almost every ATV… high quality performance enhancing alternative to your stock binders.  We use them and love them so why not give ‘em a try?” – ATV Magazine

DP Brakes Standard – DP313

62.7 x 61 x 8.8mm / 73.5 x 49 x 6.6mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP314

95.3 x 35 x 10mm / 141 x 42 x 9.3mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP315

62 x 41.6 x 9.0mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP316

76.6.x 27 x 9.7mm / 106 x 39 x 7.4mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP317

69.7 x 46.5 x 8.2mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP318

52.5 x 52.5 x 8.1mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP319

59 x 43.6 x 7.8mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP320

68 x 52 x 9.8mm / 89.5 x 51.3 x 8.8mm

DP Brakes Standard – DP321

94.1 x 34 x 7.0mm