Strong pace for Knighter at opening enduro world championship.

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Date: March 21, 2013

Saturday started good on stage 1 as David posted a very strong time even with a small crash near the start of the very long dusty test. Finding a good rhythm as the day went on he set fastest stage times during the day as five riders swapped places every stage at a very fast pace and very closely contested battle. Just missing out on the podium mainly due to Friday nights mistake David was very happy with his pace and enjoyed his first outdoor enduro on the CRF450 Honda. Winning the extreme award for the fastest overall combined time on the day in the extreme test.

Sunday started even better for Knighter as he won the first enduro test, going faster than day 1, also faster on the MX test where he was losing most of his advantage on Saturday and setting very fast times on the extreme test. David was looking for a definite podium until a crash in extreme test on lap 2 in the dust from a slower rider cost him 20 seconds. Battling back on the final lap, setting 2 out of 3 fastest times, David missed the podium by less than 4 seconds and missed 2nd by 13 seconds. Showing however that the speed and pace is defiantly there.

David Knight:
Really the results don’t justify the pace I had at the weekend, but I am very happy with my speed and more importantly I felt very comfortable in doing the times I did.
The weekend started bad in the supertest but trying to go at the speeds we are, it’s easy to mess up when it’s dark and you can’t see for dust, I made a small mistake but it cost me a lot of time.
Saturday started with a small crash but my time was good so I just built on that as the day went on, and rode my own race. Apart from the Mx test where I was losing a little time, the other 2 tests I was putting fastest times in so although fifth dosnt sound great, the pace of the top 5 guys was incredibly fast so it was a good solid day and my first enduro on the Honda, so I’m happy enough.
Day 2 started great, I changed my rear shock and immediately went faster on every test on the first lap, going even faster on lap two and battling for 2nd I got a lot of dust on the extreme test from a slower guy and crashed on a steep downhill on a rock I didn’t see loosing 15 seconds. I fought back and missed 2nd by 13 seconds and was only 4 from third so it’s a little tough to take getting fifth again but overall I’m very happy that I’m in the fight to win already at the first race on the Honda, my pace is good and I felt good at the end which I’m very pleased about.
It shows how fast we were pushing in E2 as I was much faster than the winner in E3 on both days which was almost impossible for me last year so I’m defiantly going in the right direction. A big thanks to Paul, Greek and Rudy, also Honda Chille and all my sponsors and fans that came and supported me, hopefully I can make that podium in Argentina next weekend.