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DP Brakes Sintered Braking

At DP Brakes, we manufacture quality sintered metal brake pads for replacements and performance upgrades for every riding application, including racing, sport, touring, and cruising.

Durability. Reliability. Quality.

Today more than 95% of all new motorcycles and ATVs roll off the assembly line with sintered metal brake pads as original equipment (O.E).

Superior to anything else available, DP Brakes ATV pads deliver the kind of high mileage and exceptional braking in mud, wet sand and worse that leaves other brake pads far behind.

We're proud to sponsor your favourite racing champions

At DP Brakes, we sponsor a range of racing champions and races. Meet our latest riders and groups.

OUtstanding Performance

Not only are our brakes crucially safe, our parts are designed and developed to dramatically improve the performance. Making your journey, whether in the city or on the dirt track - smooth, easy and most importantly... fun!

DP Brakes RDP127

Market-leading technology

As the only aftermarket manufacturer focusing exclusively on developing and producing sintered metal brake pads, DP Brakes is unique in the industry.

Both as replacements and performance upgrades for O.E sintered metal brake pads, DP Brakes complete product line offers fitments for every riding application, including racing, sport, touring, and cruising.