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– Unique compound provides powerful, industry high “HH+” friction rating with no wear penalty
– No brake dust
– High-tech ceramic heat shield – no brake fade
– Quick break in – immediate response and progressive feel
– No noise

Recommended for all late model sport bikes, the highly acclaimed SDP Sport HH + compound offers the ultimate in fast road, track day and high-performance braking. The unique sintered copper alloy friction material has been specifically developed to provide an industry high “HH+” friction rating with consistent, powerful, controllable braking performance together with low lever effort, no noise, low rotor wear and reduced dust.

All SDP Sport HH+ part numbers come with a high-tech plasma applied ceramic heat shield to help prevent brake fade even under the most extreme conditions.

“So I swapped out the stock pads and bolted in a set of DP’s Sport HH + pads – and what a difference it made. If you’ve never experienced true one finger braking… the best set of binders i’ve ever ridden with” – Rider Magazine

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP110

81.1 x 42 x 8.0mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP112

67.8 x 54 x 8.0mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP116

88.1 x 46 x 9.8mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP117

102 x 39 x 8.2mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP124

115 x 40.3 x 7.9mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP127

74.8 x 55.3 x 7.5mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP128

115 x 40.3 x 8.3mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP213

69.7 x 55.5 x 8.5mm

SDP Sport-HH+ – SDP216

89.7 x 52 x 8.1mm