DP Clutch friction plates are made using exclusive high heat friction material containing a blend of carbon and aramid fibers that give fade-free performance.  They achieve this level of performance without using asbestos and comply with all the latest regulations.

– Ready to fit – no need to soak in oil
– Designed to ensure ultra smooth power delivery.
– More durable than original equipment plates.
– Exclusive high heat friction materials.
– Fade-free performance.
– Friction compound to suit all Harley Davidsons.

DP Steel plates are made to exacting tolerances, from the finest quality steel and heat treated for maximum life, to provide an unrivalled smooth progressive clutch action.  DP Clutch kits are designed to eliminate fade and slip, allowing all available horsepower the engine makes to get to the rear wheel.
– Precision made using exacting tolerances.
– Heat treated for maximum life.
– Steel plates sold as kits only.