We are the only manufacturer that concentrates 100% of its production on sintered metal pads.

At DP BRAKES we define quality as the ability to consistently provide our customers with a product we are proud of.

Discover our process

Production begins with our own secret mix of ingredient.

They’re individually weighed, checked and mixed in a ribbon blender.

Here comes the biscuit - it is then fed into our 200 ton hydraulic compacting press

Next a (250 tonne) hydraulic press creates the ‘biscuit’ where getting it super flat and density is key – with no glue to keep them together, remember. The pads are built up in a stack ready for the furnace in a special sequence.

Then, they are stacked.

We then stack them onto graphite plates.

Then it's into the sintering furnace.

They are in the furnace for up to 4 hours where the compacts are sintered onto copper plated steel blackplates.

A special ceramic heat shield is applied to a certain part in numbers.

Almost there - the pads are then batch marked.

Ready to be distributed to over 30 countries around the world and packed into skin boards in-house.

We always try to support local firms.

The copper plating is done in the UK over in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. For the powders, we use UK distributors wherever we can. We have 13 different powders bought in and there’s a maximum of eight per product.



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