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Date: May 11, 2023

Last weekend we where kindly invited over to spend the weekend with the ‘By -Raport’ guys to re-unite with PDV team-mate ‘Christopher Tvaeren’ from Norway and take in the 3rd round of the FFM  French Elite championship (,their equivalent of our British Champs)  very well contested too ! 

After a lengthy drive to Steinbourg in france , near the swiss border we got technical control out the way just before the 7pm deadline and settled in for a good night talking quads and PDV  futures

Sharing food and wine !! (Beers N Bacardi )


The French competition certainly looked good with 8 out of the top 10 bikes in qualifying session ,all being Hybrids

Harry qualified 6th and Christopher 4th both on Yamaha 450R machines

Moto 1 saw a big pile up at the start with HARRY & Christopher both  involved and having to re-mount , ultimately carving through the pack from last for a 5th place finish for Harry and 6th Christopher

A fair result over the 20+2 moto

Moto 2 saw a better start , taking the lead on the second lap for 4-5 laps only to be taken by Experienced Belgian Randy Nauvaux and finishing a comfortable 2nd place

Moto 3 was a strong ride finishing in 4th place and subsequently took the last spot on the podium  3Rd  and some prize money to take home too !! for the next European Adventure

Confidence is Growing  week by week and fitness levels equally  to match ! all proving a favourable combination with our Awesome set up for 2023…..

2nd Round of the ACU British championship this weekend coming @ Ironworks in the north to attempt to re-claim some of the lost points from a throttle problem in round 1

Thanks to all who support

It is very much appreciated ! 

Yours in Sport


Copywright Lau