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Date: February 29, 2016

Products come and go in the marketplace. Some over promise. Some under deliver. Some just don’t pass the cost versus benefit test. Their names fade into consumer history…losers in the marketplace game.

However, winners on the other hand get it right. When it comes to long time product success one thing is paramount…one approach stands the test of time and consumer preference. Products that deliver a solid combination of value and quality wil nearlyl always end up in the winners circle.

At DP Brakes, our top-shelf brake and clutch products are designed, and manufactured, to deliver that solid combination. As the only after market manufacturer focusing exclusively on developing and producing sintered metal brake pads, DP Brakes is unique in the industry. DP sintered pads are made of a complex mix of metallic powders (to absorb heat), refractory material (to provide friction), friction modifiers (to alter feel), graphite’s (to minimize rotor wear and eliminate noise), mixed together, pressed to form the shape, then sintered at high temperature and pressure. When consumers demand a winning edge, the winner choice is DP Brakes.

At DP Brakes our top-shelf brake and clutch products are designed and manufactured for meeting the exacting expectations for all kinds of riders. We deliver both value and quality product performance second to none.

DP Brakes has over 2,000 pads designed for any bike out there. Go to for more information and fitments.

DP Brakes offers premium sintered O.E replacements for street, touring and off-road/ATV use. Regardless of the bike, or style of riding, we will stop you with top quality performance. The benefits are immediate and long lasting.

Take a look at our easy to navigate website, and check out what I’m talking about…fitments, coverage, quality and more.

-Larry Mills, President DP Brakes N.A.