Well done to Zip Racing @WSC/EMX Cusses Gorse, Wiltshire

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Date: August 2, 2023

Here is the race report!

What a weekend ,

The first WSC/EMX here for 13 years ,

A superbly run meeting , and a superbly prepped circuit of Cusses Gorse in Wiltshire

After last weekends wash out in Ireland the long awaited Fim European of UK was eventually here

Only an hour from us and after a convoy of Europeans hovering in the uk to get into the circuit we saw Norwegans, Estonians, Czech and Italians passing by our house washing ,cleaning , mending and stealing all my spares !!!, I,m sure they would all do the same for us in their native countries …

Saturdays qualifying  practice saw Harry in 3rd benind Turrine and 16 yrs old Estonian Riello ,

going into the Qualify race where Harry secured a Strong 2nd place behind Turrini for the next days gate pick ,

Sundays two races of 25min +2 format was looking to be pretty exciting ,it was an hour from our home which saw a support contingent of family and friends all down to support Harry and the PAR team ,

Pressure was on , second to the line ! ….

Harry gated 4th but within 2 laps saw him take the lead passing Mclernon , Davies and Turini along the way ,

He was able to gap mclernon for a 7 second lead with the rest all attempting to pass the Mac.

This was the Break H needed , the next 10 laps in the lead with Turini attacking everything at superfast pace slowly stealing a split second  a lap

By the wire it was 0.7 second difference For Harry to be the First ever Brit to win a home EMX race !! Taveren a strong 3rd place from Norway

Moto2 !

The predicted heavens had opened unfortunately, and it was a sticky start , holeshot was on, but the sloppy circuit saw harry take the wide line allowing turrini

Sneak up the inside , within a lap harry swapped places with him , and pulled a 4 second gap , Taveren was 3rd waiting to pounce too !!

For 8/10th harry commanded the race but the ever demanding Turini was trying everything in his arsenal as the track dried slightly to make his move even dropping his goggles !

3 laps  from the end a small mistake by harry in the slippy conditions unfortunately allowed Turrini through ,

Harry re grouped and made a last lap charge to come over the line within a couple of seconds of Turini !

A Win and a Second !! unfortunately giving Turini the same gave him the overall down to the last race taking priority and the WIN

What an absolutely awesome weekend in our own country ,

A terrific shout out goes to all who make this possible on our part , Par Homes , PEP suspension , Baldwin Motorsports ,Yamaha, and many many more ,

You Know who you are ! and we respect you all , it’s a consolidated team effort with all the correct ingredients in the mixing Bowl !!

This weekend we head back out to Devon for round 5 of the British Championship’s  Harry has  a commanding lead of 55 points which means mathematically it could all be wrapped up this weekend ? , With a meeting to spare, but the  reality is a reliable ride and one race out of the last meeting is more likely !

Fingers crossed and thank you all !