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Date: January 8, 2024

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The racetrack offers the opportunity to experience the true potential of your motorcycle and while it is easy to become addicted to the acceleration and manoeuvrability of modern-day bikes, the ability to slow down with an equal amount of confidence and control is crucial.

When considering the list of possible upgrades for the KTM 790 Duke I use on the track, one of the first items was brakes. A quick call to DP Brakes’ boss Larry Mills identified the company’s SDP Sport HH+ line of brake pads as the perfect solution for my track day endeavours and within a few days the new pads arrived in the mailbox.

DP Brakes’ extensive catalogue ensures a perfect fit and straightforward installation. A quick spin of the front wheel while the bike was still up on stands confirmed the quality of the fit as the wheel turned freely without any drag.

Out on the track for the first time, following a couple of slower sighting laps to give the sintered pads a chance to get warmed up, a series of hot laps offered immediate insight into the impact of this upgrade. Literally straight off the shelf with no time to bed in these pads provide a superior experience when compared to the stock pads, offering both increased stopping power and feel.

Of particular note, was the lack of fading during aggressive braking thanks to the ceramic heat shield that is incorporated into all of the company’s SDP Sport HH+ brake pads. Where the OEM supplied pads would occasionally feel spongy during braking from high speeds, the HH+ pads provide consistent performance throughout brake application. The only caution is that first rides with these new pads require getting used to, as applying the brakes with the same force and aggression required by the stock OEM pads may initially catch you off guard.

Throughout the day on the track – which saw the trip meter rack up nearly 300 km – the SDP Sport HH+ pads simply got better with each lap. In part due to the pads bedding in but likely more a result of becoming used to the ability to brake later with confidence coming into corners even at speeds in excess of 200 km/h.

If you are serious about performance, the SDP Sport HH+ sintered brake pads from DP Brakes are a must.

MSRP starting at $65.95. Visit to learn about the complete lineup of brake pads and other products from DP Brakes. IM

DP Brakes SDP Sport HH+ Sintered Brake Pads

+ High performance, fade free
+ Perfect fit

– Improved braking performance can catch you off guard

DP Brakes Sintered Braking