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Date: December 12, 2023


Well, we ventured out last Friday for a long 750 mile drive for round 4 of the very well attended ‘French sand championships’ CFS  with 180 plus riders at the Hosseger seaside resort on the south west coast of France, almost in view of the Spanish border !!

With not a terrific start position coming round the first lap in a lowly  110th place, there was a serious amount of work to get done to even get in sight of the front runners, who were all now well gone!

Lap by lap, Harry was gathering up  some 20 + places per lap , until he  pitted in 26th (some 84 places better than lap 1)   position for fuel at one hr 15mins.

With ¾ hour to go top 20 was the goal !!

As the track got rougher and rougher and the laps taking some 25% longer with lap times now in the 8 minutes window,

Harry and I were well happy with a solid and reliable finish let alone P15 , bike all now sorted (after a couple of electrical issues recently).

Just some fine tuning for next weeks round @ St Leger de Balson, round 5.

Basically getting some ‘sand time’  to compete in January and Februarys  final two rounds  with a ‘set up’  ready for the Prestigious televised Le Touquet  3/4th Feb 2024

Thankyou all

Stuart & Harry